John Clarke Movie

In the summer of 1663, against seemingly insurmountable odds, an improbable patriot living in an unlikely place changed the course of world civilization. – John Clarke Society

This is a true story about one man’s self-sacrificing dedication to right the wrongs stemming from his own religious persecutions and witnessing the same of others.

John Clarke’s Book Chronicling Religious Persecution in New England

John Clarke is not well known in our history books, but should be prominently celebrated front and center of those who currently hold his rightfully earned title as Founder of Religious Freedom. For without John Clarke, Religious Freedom and Civil Liberties may not have been afforded in the free world as we know them today.

John Clarke was a man driven from his God Centered belief that no man or government entity had the power or right to harass or otherwise persecute or prosecute any one person for their religious beliefs. He called this Soul Liberty, or Liberty of Conscience.

His journey will take him from England to America in search of these Freedoms and back to England during treacherous times to Petition the King to grant far-reaching Religious Freedoms and Civil Liberties to the Colony of Rhode Island.

Royal Charter of 1663 written by John Clarke


John faced many adversaries during his 12 year stay in London as the Colony’s Agent, however through his Statesmanship, Kind and Civil Manner, on July 3, 1663, against all odds John Clarke secured the Royal Charter of 1663, which he wrote, from King Charles II.

For the first time in world history, democracy became synonymous with freedom.


Dr John Clarke – October 3, 1609 – April 20, 1676
Physician, Baptist Minister, Scholar, Leader in Banishment, Co-Founder of RI, Founder of First Baptist Church Newport RI, Diplomat, Author of Royal Charter of 1663, Founded Free Public School & oldest Educational Trust in the World


Author: 1663 Media Arts, LLC

1663 Media Arts, LLC is an Independent Film Production Company that develops historical dramas based on real life events...because #HistoryMatters.

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