Michael Dooling, Illustrator partners with 1663 Media Arts, LLC

We are thrilled to announce Michael Dooling, renowned lllustrator & Author of Children’s Books has partnered with our film and production company 1663 Media Arts, LLC to create his lifelike, beautiful illustrations for both a Picture Book and Chapter Book on the Life of Dr. John Clarke. The Illustrated Picture Book is slated for release late fall 2018 and the Illustrated Chapter Book Feb/March 2019 to coincide with the release of our Full Feature Film, Soul Freedoms, the Life of John Clarke, America’s Forgotten Hero.


Well known for his dramatic and historically accurate illustrations, Michael Dooling is the illustrator of over sixty-five books and the author of five including Young Thomas Edison, that School Library Journal said, “Belongs in every library.” The Great Horseless Carriage Race and George Washington’s Army and Me, both written and illustrated by Michael, have been considered for major Hollywood Motion Pictures. Horn Book praised his work as “noteworthy—and handsome—examples of the illustrator as historian.”


Michael has illustrated a commemorative stamp of Benjamin Franklin for The United States Postal Service, articles for Reader’s Digest, and picture books, chapter books, and Middle Grade Novels for numerous publishers including Scholastic, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, HarperCollins, Philomel, Puffin Books, McElderry Books, Henry Holt, Holiday House, Beechtree, Atheneum, Disney, and many others.

Born in 1958, Michael grew up in the small town of Marlton, New Jersey, surrounded by peach and apple orchards. He played baseball, built tree houses, and had snowball fights. He also loved to read and draw; a combination that eventually led to illustrating children’s books. His mother, Patricia, encouraged him to draw and he could always be found doodling away. He even had a dog named, Doodles! Michael graduated with a Master’s Degree in Illustration from Syracuse University and is a member of the Society of Illustrators in New York. He lives in Audubon, New Jersey, with his wife, Jane. They have two daughters and five grandchildren, ranging in age from two to twelve.

In 2013, Michael was selected to a Top Ten List of Great Author Visits by the Pennsylvania School Library Association.


Honoring Henry Dunster

Henry Dunster was the first President of Harvard College.

In our research on Dr. John Clarke and Obadiah Holmes, we learned that Mr. Dunster was present for Obadiah’s flogging in Boston on September 5, 1651.

We wish to honor this fine man by sharing how witnessing Obadiah Holmes’ beating changed Mr. Dunster’s heart.

Henry Dunster (November 26, 1609 (baptized) – February 27, 1658/1659) was an Anglo-American Puritan clergyman and the first president of Harvard College. Brackney says Dunster was “an important precursor” of the Baptist denomination in America, especially regarding infant baptism, soul freedom, religious liberty, congregational governance, and a radical biblicism. http://henrydunster.org/

The first President of Harvard was in the crowd witnessing Obadiah Holmes’ flogging. His name was Henry Dunster.  He had been president of Harvard College for twelve years.

As he looked upon Obadiah’s beating and heard the testimony of that “godly man Obadiah Holmes”, the heart of Henry Dunster was turned to the searching of the Word of God; and the president of Harvard College became a Baptist.

When the word was spread abroad that the president of the school had espoused Baptist faith, and Baptist trust, and Baptist persuasion, though it was in the heart of the terrible winter, he was cast out with no where safe for he and his family to go.

Henry Dunster had built that house with his own hands; it was to be the home of the president, but the board of overseers of Harvard College thrust him and his family out in the wintertime, in the dead of the winter.

When Henry Dunster made appeal for the sake of his family, that he might find some place he could take them before they were cast out, the overseers heeded not his cry, and he was thrust out in the dead of the winter.

A little while after that, just a little while, a baby girl was born to the home.  And because he refused to have the child baptized, he was hailed before the court, was heavily sentenced, and died of a broken heart.

Reference: http://tridm.org/v1/today-in-church-history-new-england-september-7-1651/ September 7, 2016 by


What if?

What if we all took a breathe, stepped back and mirrored the actions of John Clarke? A well loved Physician, Baptist Minister and Statesmen, he faced religious persecution and banishment in the 1600’s and sought to right these wrongs.

When we let go of fear and ego, compassion and diplomacy rises to show us as human beings we all desire the same things out of life. To be free, to live happily within healthy friendly communities with adequate food, clothing and shelter; to be accepted for who we are without discrimination or worse.

With social media and 24/7 news our world is being depicted as a hot bed of strife. “Us against them” is an tiresome theme. Through these events, we witness eroding civil liberties and religious freedoms and equally alarming, the ability to remain calm and respectful of one another in the face of our adversaries.

What if we all took a breathe, stepped back and mirrored the actions of Dr. John Clarke? A well loved Physician, Baptist Minister and Statesmen, he faced religious and civil persecution and banishment in the 1600’s.

Dr. John Clarke did not retaliate in kind, instead he made good use of his education coupled with passion to effectively right wrongs. With a thought out respectful manner, he addressed the matters offering solutions with a clear mind, open communication and unwavering heart. Facing treason, (after numerous attempts) he successfully petitioned King Charles II to grant religious freedom and civil liberties to the Colony of Rhode Island.

Please help us bring Dr. John Clarke’s story and legacy to light. We are in the final stages of development with a projection to start filming Fall of 2018.

Get involved, please contact andrea@florentinasong.com