Meet the Crew

Writer, Producer, Executive Producer

Andrea M Clarke is a writer, producer, creative director and revolutionary with a firm belief in everyone’s right to be free and live happily and in peace within their (healthy) communities without fear of reprisals or discrimination. Andrea has developed and written John Clarke’s story through years of research surrounding his legacy. She feels connected to John and his struggles with religious persecutions. As a descendant of John’s youngest brother Joseph, Andrea is passionately moved to bring his story to the world. Cherry Lane Creative, a production co.

Screenwriting Team

Brian Elias is a Storyteller and Creative Writer who has 20+ years experience and the natural ability to rock worlds and move hearts with artful, thought provoking storytelling. As a screenwriter his works are represented and optioned. Brian spent more than 10 years in ministry, including as an associate pastor of a church. This experience gives us Brian’s unique perspective into a man like John Clarke. Brian is completely fluid in John Clarke’s version of Old English giving the film’s dialogue accurate translations of John’s writings to modern day English.

Keith Elias (ex-NFL running back) is a Creative Writer and Story Developer. Keith is a Princeton University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in History. His focus was research giving him first hand knowledge of our film’s story. He’s holds a Masters in Screenwriting from Full Sail University and several screenplays under his belt with stories that uplift, entertain and impact lives. Keith is an International inspirational speaker and mentor for the NFL, various community groups and ministries.